New website

I am trying out a new section of my website to show off my photography, but organizing it is tough. I have a very diverse style, or maybe I have a large number of styles from abstract, to Painterly to Landscapes to People.

From my point of view, I always (usually) know what the final image will look like. I do like to control my photography, but I let the image I see dictate how it is captured.

Maybe I just have a large photographic tool set. Maybe I am just too scatterbrained. Maybe I am just not very good at editing my own work.

Whatever, I don’t really know how to create logical “albums” or “galleries” that are internally cohesive, but not overwhelming. And in a perfect world, I would like to create a system that can grow logically as I add more images.

An article here talks about the difference between shooting and editing. I am very good at shooting and post-processing images. Not so good at editing or marketing said images…

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