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I have been unsure if I want to share this photo or the story behind it. I love the west coast. I love the ocean and the rainforest. I even enjoy the rain, but Victoria has changed over the last decade or so. I remember exploring Victoria’s many parks with my camera. I would think nothing of crawling through dew covered grass, taking macro shots in the early morning. Today I would be afraid of coming across needles or other refuse.

Last week I decided to take a walk by the Selkirk trestle. It is a nice walk along the path, or so I thought. Between the homeless couple yelling at each other, and other piles of refuse,including pill bottles and needles, I lost my creative enthusiasm. I did get this photo of a crack smoker on the side of the path….

Crack smoking homeless
Crack smoker under Gorge St Bridge

On my way back I happened to see a couple of police finishing some sort of investigation. Normally I would have just kept walking, as the police have more important things to do, but I needed to vent. I told them about the crack smoker, and complained that our beautiful Victoria seems to be falling apart. I explained I had sympathy for them and I wish there was something we Victorians could do to take back our city. It has only been in the last few years I have been over conscious of the expensive bag of camera gear on my back…

The moral of this story? I’m not sure. I may be biased against homeless or drug addicted people after my stint as a building manager in a rough part of town, but it does bother me that I seem to see a lot more problems in our city. I feel sorry for the police who are becoming overwhelmed…

2 thoughts on “Support your Local Police

  1. Simon Hird-Rutter says:

    I feel similar, that our city has changed tremendously over the past 15 years. As a city something needs to be done to not only help those addicts that seem to be attracted to the mild climate, but also the law enforcement, overwhelmed court system along with the out reach centres that are underfunded. Its time to turn this around. Its time to give alot of these homeless a purpose in our society. I saw a young lady downtown outside my place of business that didn’t even have a solid plastic bag to hold what few possessions she had. Where did we fail as a society when we can have a 5000 sqft house for a family of 4, abandoned buildings throughout the city and yet no room at the “Inn” to help these unfortunate individuals.

  2. Bettyanne Doucette says:

    I have been told by the police they don’t bother with drugs at all here. Parents are not good role models anymore,that makes me so sad to see parents and their kids doing drugs together. Here in Esquimalt their is alot of 13,14,& 15 year olds smoking pot.They will grow up to be nobody’s and will join the rest of the Island. These kids should be cared for and loved. The mentally ill should be in hospitals,being cared for. Our tiny Apt. is filled to bursting with up to 5 young 14 year olds everyday.They know they are always welcome and will always have a place to come. Yikes sorry about this vent,but I so dislike victoria because of all the crap. it takes away anything thats good.


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