AANV (Always A New Version)

This is the syndrome where you buy something, typically something expensive that you have been saving up for, and the manufacturer comes out with a newer better version at the same or lower price. You wish you would have waited just a little longer…

However, this doesn’t take into account the fact that you have used the camera, car, or whatever for a while before the “replacement” came out…

Case in point, I bought a D600 last January, and now Nikon is coming out with a D610 . If you have been reading the press releases and reviews, the D610 is not really that different from the D600, except a bit cheaper.

Some people are upset. They feel their fairly new D600 is now worth a lot less than if Nikon would not have released the D610, especially at a lower price.

My take is that I have been using my camera for almost 10 months already, and I did not buy it as an investment.1 I would not have been able to take (and sell) some of the photos I did. I also would not have had the last while to get to know all the quirks of the camera.

And of course, to top it all off, Nikon (or someone) will probably be coming out with an even better version, for even less money…

TL;DR2 Use the tools you have now rather than covet what may be coming in the future.


Footnotes    (? returns to text)
  1. I had my last camera for almost 10 years. It is still running strong in the hands of my daughter.?
  2. Too Long, Didn’t Read… Which makes this foot note quite ironic…?