Navigating my website

In the ongoing evolution of my website, I am constantly trying new things and rearranging content1

This site consists of two main parts, this blog and a photography area. These two areas run two different programs2, that are very different to manage, however they each do their respective jobs better than trying to use one program to do everything.

My problem is that I have a lot of images I want to share. (Maybe I need to become better at editing and discarding images that do not measure up) Since I do have so many images I want to share, I want my workflow to be as easy as possible. The flip side of this is that I want this site to be viewer friendly as well. I have set up a couple of slide shows to showcase my best work (here and here). I will be changing these slideshows with updated content as I upload new content.


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  1. A while ago I moved this blog to be the secondary part of the site, giving photography the main exposure. I figure I am a better photographer than writer, so I might as well greet viewers with my best impression.?
  2. For those interested, the Blog is running WordPress, while the photography side runs a program called Koken.?