Original art

Many artists strive to create something original, something never before seen.

I created my million monkeys project with this in mind. It is still a bit buggy, but I can honestly say I have created something original. Chances are extremely high that no one else has seen the exact image I am able to create. How high? The program in it’s current iteration creates an 812 x 312 pixel1 image by randomly choosing a value for each pixel. The number of possible images is in the order of 1 followed by six hundred thousand zeros…. The Lord of the Rings trilogy does not have as many words as the number of zeros… That is a lot of zeros and an unfathomable number of unique images.

However, each image produced may be, by definition, unique, they are all overwhelmingly the same, just a bunch of noise. It is nigh on impossible to tell them apart. That is one reason I chose to show a gallery of the last 16 images. I could show the last million images and they would all be the same noise. 

I guess “unique” does not, by itself, equate to good. Or even different, as oxymoronic as that seems…

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  1. I originally had a larger image as I thought high resolution might be important, and I screwed up on the math…

    I have now chosen 812 x 312 as this is the recommended Facebook resolution.?

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