Original art

In my world view, artists try to create something original for themselves, designers try to create something original for a client.

I have been playing with my million monkeys project. It is still a bit buggy, but I can honestly say I have created something original. Chances are extremely high that no one else has sen the exact image I am able to create. not good, but original…

I am getting intrigued by the concept of randomness. And what random really means. Can a piece of art ever be truly random? Even a very abstract artist like Pollock has some control over what is produced. In fact my million monkeys project is not truly random in that the pixels are chosen using a pseudo-random number generated by the computer. Unpredictable, but not truly random in a pure sense.

There have been other art projects where swinging pendulums drop paint, or other chaotic mechanical devices create patterns, but again, these are somewhat predictable by the laws of physics. The beauty in these types of images is the symmetry and pattern produced.

In my project, there is no inherent symmetry. no pattern by default. Occasionally our brains may try to put together a pattern or texture from part of the noise in the image, but that is just from a string of similar colours.

I may be stretching the facts, but since writing the million monkeys program, I am really philosophising the images it creates..

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