Tracking photo sales…

I want a better way to track sales of limited edition prints.

I know some people who use a spreadsheet, others who have paper records. I want something a bit more robust. Ideally it would fit into my workflow easily (which is one reason I am not a fan of the spreadsheet) so a plugin for Lightroom would be perfect, but I cannot find anything1. Next choice would be a plugin for either Koken or WordPress. But again, I have found nothing appropriate.

So, me being so stubborn, I decided to write a program myself. Of course I am not a programmer, and the program seems to be growing in complexity, but I am working towards something that will work for me.

There are a couple of positives with this approach:

  1. I will (eventually) get a program that is “perfect2” for my needs.
  2. I will learn a lot about programming that may come in handy for future projects.

The disadvantages are that it is taking a lot longer than I hoped, and I am still not sure how it will fit into my workflow. Eventually I’ll be able to post some progress and see if anyone else has a use for a program like this.


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  1. There are a number of plugins to track stock sales. which I guess could be pushed into service, except most of them are quite expensive.?
  2. For some definition of “perfect” and assuming I don’t give up on certain features.?