Victoria is a small town

The fog was rolling in this morning so I had to grab my camera and go for a walk1.

One thing I like about Victoria is that is really small enough that you can easily explore it, yet it is big enough that there are always new places to find.

Yes those are fans on the wall...

Yes those are fans on the wall…

I did not realize there was a place called Dragon Alley. I am sure I have walked by it many times, but it never registered… It is one of those small Chinatown small alleys that opens up to some funky stores. As I was a bit hungry, I went in to the Union Pacific Coffee shop. Again a funky place with typewriters and old fans mounted on the wall. I had a great apple crumble and an americano, and I met a photographer who is working on a photo project in Southern Alberta.

Like I said, I love this town…

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  1. Or as I said on Facebook, a grey day is a grade “A”?

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