Sooke Art Show

The Sooke Art Show is pretty amazing as usual. I am always amazed by the variety of work. Some of the work is jaw-droppinly good, while others are a bit meh in my opinion[1], but that is what makes a large show so exciting. I always like to walk around and get an overview of the artwork before returning to my favourites.

There was a lot of art and quite a few people at the Artists Gala on Saturday, and it took a while for me to find my photographs. I was quite excited to see a red dot[2] on one of my pieces already.

Later I was listening to another photographer describing his work. He admitted he did not have much technical knowledge. I started talking to a couple listening to this photographer and admitted I do have a lot of technical knowledge. We went over to look at my images and talked a while, then I asked to see her work. Meanwhile her husband disappeared. When he came back he said I have another red dot. In his words, “I passed the interview” and he purchased my second piece.

The moral of the story: Know your stuff and don’t be afraid to talk about your art…


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  1. of course what I liked and did not like are different from what others like and dislike. This is one of the things that makes discussions of art so interesting.
  2. For those who don’t know, a red dot at an art show means the piece is sold. Apparently, one of my photos sold to an early viewer.

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