Photo fantasy

A friend asked me for help making a Photoshop collage of her playing on a cosmic pool table (she is into cosplay). It was quite fun, and I got some ideas for images with my own photos.

I have been using Photoshop since the early days. And it is amazing how far it has come. It is a lot easier to do almost anything now. The hard part is unlearning the old way of doing things. This is one of my first images created in Photoshop. I used a number of techniques to learn how to use the program…

one of my first Photoshop experiments

Fast forward to today and I am not sure if I have become better. Maybe less patient, and my style has changed, but the concept may be a bit better…

I used a couple of images from my archives and a lot of manual painting…

This is an early working draft. I still need to correct the shadows, but I like the concept

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