How To Start

Vision boards, The Power of Now, Just Do It…. We all have plans and aspirations, in photography and other pursuits. Sometimes it is hard to get started. The bed is warm, the coffee pot beckons, or my personal demon, mindless “research “on the computer.?

Excuses are easy, I’m too tired after work, I’ll just watch one more episode/read one more chapter…

?There is also what an employee of mine once called the Rubic’s cube excuse. Before I do this, I need to do that, and before I do that, there is another thing to do… and so on?.

Over planning can also hinder action, and can lead to rabbit holes of endless detail.?And there is guilt. I have not written on my blog for some time, I should write something….?

So what is my point? Nothing really, I was just feeling guilty I had not written anything on my blog and I wanted to put off some chores….

?Happy St. Patrick’s Day?

1 thought on “How To Start

  1. catrina says:

    so true…so many not reasons and not enough just do it! Thank you I will do….there is no try! But please let me start April 2nd.


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