Botany Bay

I could not sleep this morning, so I decided to drive to Port Renfrew on the west coast of Vancouver Island. This is a 110 Km drive each way on a very windy road (very fun to drive if you know how to drive corners[1]). My destination was Botanical Beach Provincial Park, a nice short (a couple of kilometres) hike to some amazing beaches. Along one stretch of road I came across this image, looking across to the USA.

Freighter on Juan de Fuca Straight

the farther north I went, the more fog and rain I found, Once I got to to botanical Beach, the light and fog were almost perfect and I was able to get this image..

Fog at Botanical Beach Provincial Park

As the morning progressed more and more people started showing up. I was surprised at how many families came to the beach. At one time I was looking at a rock covered with people and thought it looked like a bunch of people had been photoshopped into the scene. I did get this image with just one person though…

Lone explorer at Botanical Beach

Once I got home I slept the afternoon away to catch up on the 4 hours sleep I got last night…

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  1. Yes, when I was a kid I wanted to be a race car driver. I learned to drive on windy mountain roads…

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