Who is Alan Klughammer?

I love to help people see the beauty around them. From pointing out small details to abstract “tapestries”, to unusual vistas, I try to share the beauty of this world through photography, 

I was born in Calgary in the early 1960?s, but, at the age of 10, my family moved to a small town in the interior of British Columbia  where I was struck by the beauty of mountains, lakes and forests. My Dad gave me an old twin lens reflex camera and I was hooked on the magic of photography. Some of my favourite childhood memories involve climbing the local mountains and recording the pictorial vistas. However, the social life of a small town did not appeal, so immediately after high school, I fled to UBC in Vancouver.

The culture shock and the ego shock of not being the smartest kid in school was too much for the naive small town boy; and although I was good at math, and had a very logical mind, the path of an engineering degree did not seem to fit. I dropped out of university and, at the suggestion of my parents, entered art school.  There I thrived. My vision evolved and matured, and I found myself drawn to details and abstract sections of the world around me as opposed to sweeping panoramas.

After graduating, I met my future ex-wife and moved to Victoria, and then Duncan on Vancouver Island. Together we ran a photofinishing business, and, in the late 1980?s, I started experimenting with digital photography. This was a perfect combination of my technical abilities, my computer skills, and my artistic eye, but it was a crash course in business management. Although the business survived for over five years, it was not strong enough to survive a divorce.

I managed a number of retail stores on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland, but always kept my passion for photography.

Over the years, I have met a number of passionate and creative people, including a very talented painter who pushed me artistically by asking “what is your work saying?” From this point, I largely moved my photography away from “subject oriented” images, to more abstract “emotion based” photos. People have described my photography work as “like a painting”, “working on many levels” and “something you can look at again and again”

Currently I am juggling a day job with my artistic career, displaying my artwork in various locations, and trying to stay involved in photography in Victoria, BC where I love with the ocean and the rainforest.

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