Limited Editions

Many images on this site are available for purchase. However, most of my images are only printed as limited editions. I limit the number of large prints[1] to between 1 and 10 prints. As an edition sells, the price of a print increases. In other words, the second print will cost more than the first print of an image.

Click here for a gallery of currently available prints.

All images are signed by the artist (me) and, generally, numbered.

All fine art prints are also guaranteed.

At the present time, most of my prints are between 13″ x 19″ and 20″ x 30″, archivally printed using Pigment inks on either photo paper or canvas . Other sizes may be available by special request on select images.
Also note all images are copyright.

Please email me for commercial use, or with any questions.

I am also be available for assignment work.

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  1. For some art shows, I will produce a number of small machine prints or cards.