[quote]The difference between a pro and an amateur is how well they can improvise.[/quote]

I am working on a series of portraits of Entrepreneurs over 50. Part of the exercise is impromptu location work. In other words, I am not bringing them into the studio, but shooting them on location. For the portrait below, Michael did not want to shoot at his home, yet he wanted a clean, “friendly” look{{1}}. I brought my portable, battery powered lights{{2}} to a small empty apartment my landlady let us use. The only blank wall gave me a couple of metres of working distance, so we had to concentrate on head and shoulder images. Building rapport is the most important skill a photographer must have in order to capture good portraits, but the ability to walk into an environment, size it up, and create a photo friendly environment is a close second for a working pro.

This is the result…


PS. I seem to like black and white for portraits. They have more dignity, or maybe they just have less distractions… 

[[1]]I am still not sure if I got a friendly look, but I did capture a part of his personality.[[1]]

[[2]]I have a bunch of standard flashes I use with Wireless Flash Triggers and Soft Boxes . I may have to write an equipment post one of these days…[[2]]


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