Not the Sharpest…

There is a quest in photography to get the sharpest photograph. We spend a lot of money on the best lenses, we spend a lot of time getting the focus just right, we even use software sharpening… However sometimes it makes sense to go the other way.

For this image, I have been exploring a bouquet of flowers I bought for just that purpose. Images like this are very hard to previsualize, as our eyes do not see the same way as a camera lens. I did take several versions of this image, with various levels of blur. Since it is such an abstract image, I did minimal post processing.

the bouquet in my self isolation living room. I bought this particular bouquet for the variety of flowers, and the variety of photos I could get from it. I have been using my 105 macro with a focus rail. I just used the light coming through my window, as I have a North facing window.

One issue was the fact I live on the 3rd floor of an older wood frame apartment building. The floor is a bit bouncy, especially at 2X magnification…

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