Originally I set up a website mainly so I could find (and show friends) all my photos. I put up most of the images I took, as I would be talking personally to most of the people who would know where the site was….

Now I am using this site as more of a marketing tool. As such I have to purge a lot of the less strong photos. It is very interesting to see how my style and skill level has changed over the years. It is also hard to decide what to take down, and what to keep… As an artist I am never quite satisfied with my images. They are basically done when they are good enough that I am bored with working on them. That is to say, all images can probably be improved a little bit, but you reach a point where the effort to improve the image is much greater than the improvement itself. As my skill level has grown, the amount of effort to get a decent result has grown less, therefore I can push my images farther. One consequence of this is that my older images don’t quite stand up to scrutiny.

Do I keep these old images to show my growth? Do I rework the images to bring them up to my current level of skill? Or do I just delete them….?

Tough choices…..

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