I had brunch today with a group of artist friends. Most of these friends are painters and we were having a conversation on what makes an artist, and the difference between painting and photography.

As a photographer, I said I notice details and know how to get the essence of a scene. I have also learned how to translate a scene into the language of photography. As a challenge I was asked to take a photo. I only had my cell phone, but I noticed the light and reflections off the glasses on the table. It is not a great photo, but I chose my angle of view to eliminate the background distractions and to crop in to get the essence of the image. I think I was able to express something…

Moral of the story? Be aware of what you see. look at light. Look for distractions and figure out how to get rid of them. Look at relationships between objects. And don’t look for excuses; use the tools you have to make the best image you can.

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