Beacon Hill

I went to Beacon Hill park a couple of days ago. It is always a cool place to go, especially for photos of flowers. One of the downsides to photos of flowers is trying to come up with something original.


This image was actually inspired by a classic black and white image(I think it was made by Minor White if I remember) But it is still pretty cool.

This image was an example of what not to do with landscape images. I did not have my tripod with me{{1}} and I was using a long-ish lens (200mm) so I had to use a higher ISO to get a fast enough shutter speed. It still looks pretty amazing, even printed at 13 x 20.

If you would like a custom print, email me and we can arrange delivery.

[[1]]I am a big believer in using a good tripod, however in this case I did not think I would be getting anything serious, and I just wanted to go for a walk more than take photos.[[1]]

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