Different Places

So the snow is gone. It only lasted about a day and a half, but it shut down the whole southern Vancouver Island. I did not want to bring my car out, and the buses were not running so I was not able to go to work. I went out for a photo walk instead.

I find it much easier to get inspired over unusual events, a snow storm in Victoria, a trip to the Canary Islands… it is much harder to get motivated to take photos of everyday scenes. It could be (and has been) said that repeatedly visiting the same scene again and again can lead to a better photo, as you are looking deeper for something new and different. There is some truth to that, and nothing is ever the same each time you see it, but there is also something about seeing something with new …

I find that if I visit a familiar place with someone else, I notice new things I have not noticed before. It almost seems like visiting the location for the first time…

On the other hand, visiting a new and exotic location is almost overwhelming. I want to come back to explore more

Maybe the trick is to explore local familiar places with new eyes, and explore new exotic locations with more knowledge and research.

The bottom line is that there are amazing photos everywhere. Don’t wait for a freak snowstorm to get out and take photos 

this garden is only about 4 blocks from my home, but I have never noticed it before. I hope the cactus all survive the snow…
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