Since I am currently between jobs (read unemployed) I am doing a lot of research on promoting yourself as an artist. Conclusion, I don’t think I will become famous…;)

Almost all the articles I read, and curators I talk to speak of having a cohesive “show”. That is, all your work is a consistent theme. Not me, I tend to bounce around…

I will admit that lately my work has been largely natural world semi-abstracts, such as my famous fish skeleton:

Fall in Goldstream Park

I do have some urban scenes, again, I tend toward the semi-abstract:

But then I go and throw a complete curve and start experimenting in Photoshop:


OK, so it looks like I like abstract images, but then I have many much more “straight” images:

no sitting today

So what kind of conclusion can I draw?

What kind of artist am I?

How can I market myself?

Maybe I should forget about all that crap and just go out and take some photos…

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