My First YouTube Video
Still from my first Youtube Video

OK, I’ve done it. I uploaded my first video to Youtube. Recently I got an action cam for my 5 year work anniversary. It came with a ton of attachments, including a suction cup, so I have been trying it mounted on my car.

I was initially worried the suction cup might not stay put, but I have mounted it on several glass panes and it seems to stick, even under mildly aggressive driving ;).

I watched a few tutorials to figure out how to edit. A good video requires a lot of planning, much more than I usually do for my still photography work. With a still image, you can “wing it” a bit more. With video, each shot needs more thought, and you need b-roll shots as well to break up the monotony. 

And then there is the issue of sound. The action cam gets a lot of wind noise (obviously) if it is mounted on the side of the car. I was able to find some royalty free music for free, so that was ok, except the music was longer than the movie I made, so let’s learn how to fade the music in and out.

The end result is a bit cheesy, and looks like something from the 1980’s or something, but it is a start.

the video is here

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