About a month ago I got an iPad mini as an incentive at work. I wanted to try it as a more portable version of my laptop. In terms of photography, there are , of course, advantages and disadvantages.

Big advantage is portability, it is (big) pocket size, and the retina screen is great. I have used the device to show off my portfolio, and even to do some simple post process editing. With the subscription version of Lightroom, you can synchronize select images between your computer and iPad. Any changes on one platform are made on all platforms. 

Which brings up one of the disadvantages. An iPad is a much simplified computer. Some things are not possible. There is a lack of precision and fine control when using Lightroom mobile. Not to mention using fingers to select areas.

All in all the iPad is great for a lot of things like reading books, creating presentations, etc. And it is a handy, ultra-portable laptop-lite, but it will not come close to replacing my MacBook Pro….

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