Night Sky

Night Sky

Last weekend was supposed to be the peak of the Persieds Meteor shower. My daughter and I went out to see what wee can see, and found out a few things…

First, staying up past 2 AM was tough. I must be getting old…

Second, it is hard to focus in complete dark.

but probably most important, the night sky is quite fascinating. Even though we did not leave the city, and there was a bit of cloud cover (which lead to a fair bit of light pollution) I was quite surprised at how well the camera recorded stars. The image above was exposed a longish time{{1}}, but notice that the exposure kept the city lights, the forground (which was only lit by a distant streetlamp) and even the stars in the sky…Ā 

I will admit that I had to massage the RAW file a little bit, but this is all one exposure, not HDR or double exposure. Amazing…

[[1]]For those interested, the exposure was 30 seconds at f3.5 at ISO 100[[1]]

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