Yesterday I went to the Oak Bay car show (after a friend reminded me it was on…). Photographing cars is fun, lots of interesting shapes and lines, but it is hard to control reflections.

The subject of this image is the reflections though…

Not quite sure about the decapitated head in the window though...
I wish I had a Cadilac

or again, emphasizing the brightness of the reflections….

Yes these were ugly cars, but I like the "glassy-ness" of the light.
Edsel grill

Much of my photography is about details. Old cars are an almost overwhelming treasure trove of details, especially hood ornaments…

sparkly chrome goodness....
'34 Packard

'56 Buick Century
'56 Buick Century

and other styling details….

'39 Ford

Personally, I like the look of cars before the late 1950’s – early 1960’s. The 1970’s were pretty hideous, and modern cars all seem to try to be SUV’s or something. I know there exceptions, of course, but my perfect car would be something with classic styling and modern innards* (I like being able to DRIVE).

*I know it is a bit early for Christmas, but I wouldn’t be averse to a gift…..;)

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