Downtown Victoria
Downtown Victoria

No, I do not call myself a street photographer. I am usually a fairly contemplative photographer. I study an image for a while before I take the final image. Street photography, and related photojournalism, tend to be a much more reactive process. You may see an image starting to come together, so you anticipate when all the elements work, and take the photo. Sometimes things work out as planned, sometimes they don’t (and sometimes things go in a different direction that is even better than you planned…)

For some reason this image works for me. It is a much busier image than I am used to but there are so many things going on visually. I really like the “Tilley” arrow pointing at the man’s head. I like the contrast between the almost marching gait of one woman and the awkward turn of her friend. It is also kind of interesting that everyone on the right side of the image is looking away from the camera…

What do you think?

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