Sometimes photography is tough. As you are driving along a back country road you see a great image but there is nowhere to pull off the road and park, so you keep driving. A bit later you see a nice spot, but there is nothing in the foreground to complete the image, so you keep driving.

Finally you reach your destination and park. You grab your equipment and start hiking olong the path that has been inspiring on past explorations. You take a couple of “Warm up photos” to get your eye working (and to make sure your equipment is working) but nothing earth shattering. As you walk further along the path, the light s not quite right, or the background doesn’t work, and you can’t get a decent image. But you keep walking because you know there is something here. Eventually you start to think there is nothing happening today. For whatever reason, your muse has abandoned you. You say to yourself you will just walk a few more minutes then turn back.

but then, once in a while, you will stop, everything comes together and you get something that just says WOW.

That is why we take photos…

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