Ever since its invention, there has been a debate over whether photography is a “real” art form. I agree that some genres of photography can tend more toward record keeping (scientific, insurance, etc), and there is a strong craft[1] component to photography, and many photographers are quite insecure, but sometimes things come together and the final image is more then the sum of its parts….


This is a very old image, in fact it was shot on film[2], but it is still one of my favourites just because of the whimsy.

PS. If you need to know, it is an old hand winch off of a barge or something. I found it at the side of a path and knew I had to shoot it….

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  1. My definition of Craft includes the mechanical/chemical/digital manipulations that must be done to create an image. The Art comes from the expression created from the craft.
  2. This is a scan of a “real” darkroom print with minimal retouching. I think the simple treatment adds to the image.

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