Beautiful West Coast


One thing I like about the west coast is that even the “ugly” stuff is photogenic. This beach detritus makes an interesting tapestry.

Years ago, an artist friend told me that I taught her to look all around. Sometimes you see an image in a different direction than you expect. Looking up, down, and backwards can reveal much more than many people miss. I actually learned this as a kid exploring the wilderness. A path can look completely different when you are coming back. Stop every once in a while and turn around to see what the path will look like on your way home. This was when I first started to understand the direction of light.

Exploring in the wilderness of BC also taught me to pay attention to details. Noticing a mushroom, or an interesting rock formation can be a good marker to find your way back. As I looked harder, I noticed these details were interesting in their own right. I also found out that not everyone notices these details. Photography is a great way to share these discoveries. The hard part is to do them justice visually…

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