One of the advantages of living in the capital of BC is that we have to impress visiting dignitaries. To that end, we have places like the gardens at Government House.


The other day I couldn’t sleep, so I went out there to catch the sunrise light. Luckily it stayed cloudy all morning, so I got some nice soft light for flowers. Of course if it was sunny, I would have had some great dramatic light.

A photographer (I think it was John Shaw) once said that the best lens is the one you have with you. It is the same with light, the best light is what is available now. The quality of light will influence the type of photo you take; soft overcast or open shade light is conducive to soft dreamy images for example, but there is no reason to stop taking photos because “the light isn’t right”

I used to teach that photography is all about compromise, it is important to be able to adapt your shooting style to the situation in front of you.


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