As a companion piece, and proof of my split personality, I would like to say photography is really more like drawing. While a photographer can start with an existing scene, he can also start with a blank studio and add specific subject matter. A photographer can also add light to a scene to emphasize certain areas or attributes.

A photographer can also organize his subjects to they form a better image. Even using post processing techniques to create something that was not really present. In other words, a photographer can start with literally nothing and create an image.

I still think photoandrias describes the process of photography better. Even when creating from a “blank canvas”, photography is somehow more like sculpting clay than drawing. Photography (Photoandria[1]) is an iterative moulding process. You start with an idea and tweak it until it is right. You may move your point of view slightly, or change the way light hits your subject. (or you may throw the clay against the wall and hit the delete key).

Both photography and drawing are two dimensional art forms, however, from a process point of view, photography is much more sculpting with light.

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  1. Someone who knows Greek really needs to help me with conjugation…
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