Here is my Photo Of The Month for June (POTM).

Nevada as Lup

I chose this image for a number of reasons. I did not get out to do much personal work this month (time seems to fly), but this image was part of a shoot with a friend who is into cosplay. The intent of the shoot was to try something completely different. 

The post processing is a bit different than my usual style, going for more of a graphic novel feel. The shoot was fun, we went up to Mount Tolmie at sunset, but the “magic” happened in the post processing. A lot of time went into creating the appropriate “look”, as well as enhancing the image. We did use on-site lighting (two circular softboxes) to separate the subject (Nevada/Lup), a number of layers and masks in photoshop further emphasized the composition. Colours were enhanced, and contrast was changed in various areas as well.

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