Website Planning

I have had a vision for this website since I started. it has gone through several versions and implementations, and it will go through many more I am sure.

I would like to highlight my photography with a little bit of my other interests sprinkled in here and there… A problem is that I take a lot of photos in a lot if different styles. I am not sure how best to organize them. Currently I have my favourites of the last 12 months ( a rolling album). Once the images are older than 12 months, I move them to an archive. I also have a number of other galleries covering different subjects such as my trip to the Canary Islands, some portraits or even cars.

Currently I am trying to have my current favourites on the front page, but then I am not sure the best way to link to the other galleries. Maybe a “galleries” page with links to each portfolio, maybe just connection through the menu.

If you are reading this, please try out my current site and let me know in the comments what you think…

Oh, and an image to keep the photo theme…

A fort at the entrance to La Coruna, Spain
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